When you hire from us you agree to these terms and condtions.

  1. You agree to let us charge you for damage, all rental costs and cleaning costs if such costs are applicable.
  2. All drivers must be over 21 years of age with more than 12-months driving experience
  3. Drivers must have a valid Australian drivers license and authority that’s appropriate for the vehicle you are hiring. We’ll need a copy of it: scanned and emailed is acceptable. No P-Plate or L-Plate drivers allowed. We do not accept international drivers licenses
  4. You must check the oil and water daily before starting the bus. You must also inspect tyres and bodywork. Pre-departure documentation must be completed and left at the depot
  5. A rental day = 24-hours. Anything more, such as 30 hours, is two days, and so on.
  6. You cannot carry more people than the vehicle is licensed to carry. The licensed amount is written on the back of the vehicle.
  7. You need to tell us in general terms what you’re using the vehicle for and where you’re heading. If you’re travelling on unsealed roads or taking the vehicle to the snow.
  8. If you cause damage to the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol you are by default responsible for the total costs associated with the accident or incident. And all 3rd party property damage as well.
  9. All our vehicles are non-smoking. No dairy products or food consumed on board
  10. We may charge a cleaning fee if you return the vehicle in an unclean state that requires excessive cleaning.
  11. The consumption of alcohol is not allowed on or in our vehicles
  12. You must refuel the bus
  13. Road tolls are included up to $7.00 per-day except for Sydney airport bus parking.
  14. Vehicle Damage and Insurance: all damage must be reported
    1. Overhead roof damage and reversing damage is not covered by insurance. If you’re unsure about height or what’s behind or above you STOP – get out and have a look.
    2. At fault glass / window damage including mirrors is not covered.
    3. Insurance: our excess is $5,000. We don’t charge to reduce this as this is as low as it can go with buses. We can negotiate this down.
  15. If your stuff gets stolen from inside the bus or trailer – its not our fault. Our advice: if you’re parked and can’t take personal items, put them under the seats out of sight
  16. If you cancel within 48-hours of the booking date and time you will forfeit your deposit. If you have paid in full we reserve the right to retain 50% of the hire fee or credit the amount against a future hire. All reasonably good excuses will be taken seriously.
  17. If the vehicle breaks down we will do our best to get you going as soon as reasonably practicable. We aren’t responsible for costs incurred as result of the breakdown
  18. All traffic infringements – speeding being the most common one, are at the hirers expense. If we get a traffic notice we may have to charge you an expensive administraion fee of $50.00
  19. If you need to fit child seats or restraints make sure you tell us and first make sure they fit. You are responsible for the correct fitting of child seats


Byron Bay: 2 Ti Tree Place Byron Bay, NSW 2481

OPERATIONS BASE – SYDNEY: 2-12 Bourke Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015 

ABN: 69-165-467-318